Scottsdale, AZ Epoxy sewer pipe lining process

What is the cost of trenchless sewer replacement in Phoenix?

Are you considering a sewer replacement using a trenchless technology? Being in the position of needing a sewer replacement can be very stressful. Our experience and wisdom developed only after replacing sewers using trenchless methods for many years. The cost of a sewer replacement using trenchless technology is influenced by several variables. Our expertise gives…

Tempe, AZ Cured in Place Pipe Technology

Scottsdale Sewer Epoxy Lining Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP)

Underground pipes are used to carry everything from sewage, water, oil, gas, and chemicals. As time passes, many pipes become old and may become weakened, damaged, or even rupture. The seams where they have been welded together often crack, causing spills, leaks, and seepage. When drain pipes break, sewage can leak into the ground, causing…