Tempe, AZ Cured in Place Pipe Technology

Why Cured in Place Pipe Technology Really Works

Municipal drainage and sewer systems are essential for maintaining hygiene and minimizing flood hazards, but aging infrastructures mean that keeping these systems in good repair is becoming a growing challenge. To avoid the major expense and disruption involved in replacing large sections of these pipe systems, managers are exploring alternative techniques for extending the life…

CIPP Cured In Place Piping

CIPP- Using Cured In Place Pipe for Sewer Repairs in Phoenix

CIPP — Cured In Place Piping When it comes to repairing underground pipes, several methods may be employed. The oldest, and least desirable method is digging. It involves excavating the land surrounding the pipe, and manually fixing or substituting it. It is an extremely costly, difficult, and sloppy way to get the job done. Trenchless…

Cured in Place Pipe Repair Phoenix

Phoenix Cured in Place Pipe Repairs

Many property owners and managers have seen the effects of leaking rainwater or sewer drainage pipes. When such damage is present, regardless of the cause, it can set off a chain reaction involving a variety of other problems, such as ground movement and shifting, calcification, root intrusion or premature aging of the line. Unfortunately, occurrences…