trenchless money savings

3 Reasons Why Trenchless Sewer Repair is Favorable

The advances in technology now allow specialized equipment to complete a pipe replacement without trenching through a property. If you are preparing to have your house’s sewer line replaced, and are contemplating a trenchless repair solution, then you may very well be asking yourself how such an option is favorable. We will discuss the three…

Choosing Your Plumber in Phoenix

Top 4 Things to Verify Before Choosing Your Plumber in Phoenix

Don’t get burned by hiring the wrong plumber. Learn how to choose wisely. This list can protect you and your home… We understand choosing a plumber may not be a pleasurable experience. Here at Legendary Home Services, we commonly deal with people that express their frustrations regarding previous plumbers they have hired. It is disheartening…


Seeking Trenchless Sewer Repair for Cast Iron Drains?

If your plumber has recommended replacement of the cast iron drains under your home, don’t accept the proposed work without a second opinion… Here at Legendary Home Services, we receive phone calls every day from homeowners inquiring about replacing their cast iron lines. As licensed plumbing contractors that work daily with cast iron pipes, we…