Copper Theft: A Potential Plumbing Nightmare

Copper theft, as reported by CNBC, has become an epidemic, plaguing nearly every community in the country. The prices fetched for used copper have risen dramatically over the last decade or so, making it very enticing for both criminals and otherwise good people in a bad economy, looking for ways to garner some extra money.…


15 Top Tips On How to Find The Perfect Emergency Plumber

At the Legendary Home Services, we are all about educating the public on everything plumbing related.  We feel that this knowledge is especially important when  it comes to something really scary:  plumbing emergencies. Emergency plumbing needs attention fast, especially when you can’t find the valve to shut the water off, or worse, you’re not even…


The Plumbing Orchestra Residing In Your Toilet Tank

You pull the lever, hear the swoosh, watch the whirlpool, and everything disappears. It starts to fill, you close the lid, wash your hands, the noise comes to an abrupt stop, and it’s ready to go again just like magic. Only it’s not magic. There are parts coming together like a fine-tuned symphony orchestra, making it all work.



There are several different types of toilets and flushing assemblies, but for now we’re going to focus our attention on the good old toilet tanks that we grew up with.

Let’s Here Some Music Maestro

It starts with the handle. The handles themselves, aside from styles, are pretty much the same. They mount on the front or the side, and attach to a metal or plastic strip that reaches towards the middle of the inside of the tank. Here, typically a chain dangles from it. Sometimes as in figure 2 below, there is a rod that does the same job and will have similar adjustments to those we’ll discuss with the chain.  The chain or rod hangs down and attaches to the flapper. If your toilet handle ever pulls too freely and the toilet won’t flush, the chain or rod has probably become detached. The flapper mounts to the flush valve seat, which is part of the mechanism that mates the toilet tank assembly to the toilet bowl assembly. If your toilet runs constantly and seems to flush a little on its own intermittently, you should try wiping the flapper down with a rag or replacing it. Like cheddar cheese crackers, there are dozens of styles, colors, and brands of flappers to choose from, but when you get down to it they’re all basically the same. You’ll want to adjust the length of chain from the handle assembly to ensure the flapper opens wide enough and long enough to give the toilet a good flush, but not so long as to get caught under the flapper when it slams shut.  If the water runs constantly and your toilet won’t fill, this is the most likely cause.