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Since so much water passes through the faucets, fixtures and sinks in your home on a daily basis, occasional leaks and issues are perfectly normal. Your faucets and sinks add a lot to the aesthetic value of your kitchens and bathrooms, but they also serve a valuable purpose and should be kept in good working order all the time. When you have a quality service provider in your corner, your faucets, fixtures and sinks will always be looking great and running exactly as intended.

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Big and Small Sink Repairs

Sinks usually last quite a long time, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t subject to cracks, splits, broken seals and general wear and tear. Over time, a sink will deteriorate just like any other fixture, and they will develop leaks. Sometimes, the leaks are very small and need a quick repair, and sometimes they are more substantial and require more in-depth repair. If the sink is older, you may decide just to replace it with a new one if the repair is a big one. Leaky sinks are also a good excuse to change up the style and aesthetics of the bathroom with a new sink.

The Problem with Hidden Faucet Leaks

Usually, a dripping faucet just needs a new gasket or washer and it will stop leaking and get back to normal. These leaks are easy to see and relatively easy to repair. If, on the other hand, the leak is happening under the surface, it might go on for days or even weeks before you realize it’s there. These hidden leaks can cause a massive amount of water damage, because by the time you find it, there could be rotted wood, saturated walls and floors or even a damp ceiling in the floor below.

Professional Installation Makes the Most Sense

When you decide to get new faucets, fixtures and sinks installed in your home, it’s always a good idea to choose professional installation over the DIY approach. When you do it yourself, you may be missing some crucial steps that work to ensure the installation is leak-proof and solid. You might also neglect to follow local building codes, which a professional plumber will know by heart.

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