Leak Detection & Water Damage Laveen

Water Damage Laveen

Water Restoration Laveen AZ If you are experiencing a leak that caused water damage, but the source is unknown, don’t worry. Leak detection equipment can locate the source of the leak.  If this is an emergency and you need service right away, give us a call at 602-900-9010. If you would like additional information on…


hard water treatment phoenix

Case Study: Hard Water Treatment Phoenix

On Saturday, we received a phone call from a customer stating that her shower handle had broken off in her master bathroom. This customer had called us out to her home a few months back to replace her main water shut-off valve, as it had seized up. Upon arriving to her home the former instance,…


Water Damage Scottsdale

Case Study: Water Damage Scottsdale

On the night of Friday, February 27th, 2015, we received a late night emergency call for water damage in a condominium unit. The affected unit was a downstairs unit, and based upon the description of the problem, we immediately suspected that the water came from the unit above. We made contact with the tenant of…


water line re-route phoenix

Case Study: Waterline Re-route

A leak in your home can cause tremendous damage if not corrected right away. Here at Legendary Home Services, we offer 24/7 availability to take care of your leak detection need as soon as it arises. We can detect any leak with our state of the art leak detection equipment and come prepared to make…