Trenchless Sewer Repair Technology:

There are two methods to repair or replace a sewer pipe without the need for trenching. A sewer camera is ran onsite to view the condition of the sewer line and determine which solution is most suitable to the circumstance.

Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Sewer Epoxy Lining:

This method will generally involve one access pit to be created. The existing pipe is cleaned using high pressure water jetting. Then a de-scaling process takes place where the interior of the pipe is shaved down to help create a smooth surface for the new epoxy liner. The liner crew comes prepared with a state of the art fully stocked truck. The equipment is set up outside the access hole. The liner is inserted into the existing pipe. The new liner is an epoxy resin saturated felt tube made of fiberglass cloth. Once the liner is installed we inspect it with a drain camera. A nice new seamless piece of pipe is created without the need for trenching through the home. This new liner comes is extremely durable and comes with a 50 year warranty


This method will generally involve two access pits on each end of the drain or sewer line. A steel bursting head breaks through the existing pipe, and a new pipe is pulled in its place using a hydraulic ram. Most of the work is done underground. The pipe is fused together creating a new seamless piece of pipe with a service life of 100 years. It’s cleaner, easier, and safer than traditional methods of destructive sewer replacement.

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