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 Repiping Phoenix, AZ

Replacing damaged sections of pipe used to involve digging into floors, walls and ceilings to locate the bad piping and replace it. This method was long, costly and terribly invasive to the homeowner, but it was also necessary because leaving the damaged pipe would result in serious water damage. Repiping is a service that allows plumbers to replace only the section of pipe that is damaged, and in a far less invasive fashion.

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Reasons for Repiping Services

The main reason that a plumber will want to perform repiping at your home is because there is a section of pipe that is worn or damaged and needs to be replaced. With the repiping technique, that section can be replaced without damaging the rest of the pipe, or tearing up your home looking for the problem and making the correction. If a section of pipe is leaking in your home, you might notice higher water bills, mold growth or rotting wood caused by the excess moisture.

Saving You Time and Money

Repiping will save time and it will save money, because of the specialized equipment and techniques used to identify the leak and deal with it. If your entire system is old and needs replacing, then repiping wouldn’t be the most practical approach, but for smaller sections, when the rest of the pipe is still in good condition, repiping often makes the most sense.

A Solution for Copper and PEX Piping

Repiping works equally well for PEX piping and copper piping, meaning it can be performed in most modern households, since most have one or the other. In terms of strength, copper piping is usually stronger than PEX, but PEX piping doesn’t cost as much and is more flexible. Sometimes, PEX piping will sag or bend at the joints, which is why copper is used in certain situations. Whichever type of pipe you have in your home, you are covered if you ever need to have a section of it replaced with a repiping procedure.

Repiping is a convenient and effective service for damaged pipes, so you don’t have to suffer even more damage to your home. Call Legendary Home Services at (602) 900-9010 in the Phoenix, AZ area for fast, reliable service that will get your plumbing system back to normal in no time.

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