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Shower & Tub Installation & Repair Phoenix, AZ
Most showers and tubs can take a lot of abuse before they develop cracks or holes, but when they do start to wear down, it is important to take quick action. If there is a crack in your tub or the tiles on your shower floor have begun to lift, then water damage won’t be far behind. The key is to find yourself a reputable plumber that will assess the situation quickly and provide you with the repairs you need to minimize damage and get your bathroom fixtures working at full capacity again.

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Signs Your Shower Needs Repairs

Both the structure and the plumbing component of your tub or shower can suffer damage that leads to water leaks and water damage. If there is a leak in one of the pipes that serves the tub or shower, then you may see reduced water pressure, higher water bills or damage to the surrounding materials. If there is a lifted or broken tile in your shower, the water can seep into the underlying structure; weaken the entire floor, and possibly leak into the room below. If you notice anything unusual in your shower or tub and it isn’t working quite right, don’t hesitate to call for help.

Showers & Tubs Need Maintenance Too

Many people picture furnaces and air conditioners when they think of home maintenance, but you can prevent a lot of tub and shower issues by having regular maintenance on your plumbing system. You can get a thorough inspection of your pipes and the structure of the tubs and showers in your home, to prevent any potential issues before they become problematic. Ask your plumber to set up a maintenance schedule for you that makes sense.

Quality Installation Makes the Difference

Professional, high quality installation is the only way to go when it comes to having bathtubs and showers installed in your home. When the installation isn’t at a professional level, you will encounter leaks and other issues that require repairs long before they are actually necessary. Find a reputable service provider near you for best results.

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