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Sump Pump Repair & Replacement Phoenix, AZ

Every home is supposed to be built so that water runs away from the property during heavy rainstorms. However, some houses aren’t built that way and the basement ends up being flooded after a heavy storm. For these homes, a sump pump is a valuable piece or equipment because it pumps the water out before it has a chance to accumulate and cause any water damage.

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How’s Your Drainage?

Even a place like Phoenix has rainstorms that are powerful enough to flood a basement if the ground leans toward your house instead of away from it. If your basement is prone to flooding, it is important to get a sump pump to help get the water out and away from the house so you won’t suffer any water damage. Another issue that sump pumps help with is called hydrostatic pressure. This is when pressure builds up behind the foundation walls of your home due to excess water, potentially damaging the foundation. A functioning sump pump is a great tool for keeping your basement dry no matter what the weather is doing.

Classic Sump Pump Repair Signs

A broken sump pump is no good to you at all, so it is important to have it repaired as soon as you notice performance issues. Possible problems include a burnt out motor, damaged electrical components or a clogged pump from leaves and other debris, among others. The key is to contact your local plumber for help as soon as you notice a problem, so you can avoid a lengthy disruption.

DIY Only Causes Problems

In most cases, you’ll end up hurting your sump pump more than helping it, if you try the DIY approach. You need the sump pump to work effectively in order to keep your basement clean and dry, so you can’t afford any missteps when it comes to repairs or maintenance. Leave the sump pump repairs and installation to professionals, so you can rest easy knowing your pump will work when you need it most.

A functioning sump pump is an absolute must if you want a dry basement during heavy rains, so don’t waste any time calling for help if yours is broken. Call Legendary Home Services at (602) 900-9010 in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding area and we get your sump pump working again as soon as possible.

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