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People Choose Us Because:

We respect your home

We use floor protectors and wear shoe covers.

We give you warranties

You only pay for the repair once.

We are fully insured

You are not paying for accidents on your property.

We are licensed

Which gives you 3rd party protection.

We are professional

Expect a qualified, polite, educated, clean service pro.

In business for over 10 years

We know the area, codes, and what works and what doesn’t work.

Need same day service? We’re happy to help. Call 602-900-9010, and we’ll be on the way!

What Our Customers Say:

They came very fast. I was amazed at the response time. Their prices were low and I was very happy at the job they performed. Job well done guys!

Dave S. Chandler AZ
Dave S. Chandler, AZ

I was so impressed with their level of service given. They answered when I first called and even gave me a follow up call when the job was complete just to make sure I was happy. Wow.

Theresa W. Phoenix AZ
Theresa W. Phoenix, AZ

We really appreciate all the hard work. What I loved most is how clean they kept my home during construction. I will recommend highly! Thank you.

Nancy F. Scottsdale AZ
Nancy F. Scottsdale,AZ

Why do more people choose Legendary Home Services as their Plumber in Tempe?

With 24/7 service, rapid response times, and written warranties, it is easy to see why 5,000 customers a year count on Legendary Home Services.

Our customers come to us when they want a plumber that not only can fix their plumbing issue, but also provide information and pricing over the phone, take care of their property, and deliver the best service possible. Providing customers with trust and transparency has helped Legendary Home Services become top rated Plumbers in Tempe AZ.

If you are reading this page, you are like most other people that find their plumbers online. A quick Google search will yield a ton of results. However, with so many listings online, what makes each company different? How do you really know you are getting the right company for your repairs? Just because the company calls themselves “Plumbers”, doesn’t make them qualified or trustworthy.

Instead of taking a chance and gambling with your hiring decisions, use the Ultimate Checklist to Hiring the Right Plumber in Tempe AZ.

Customer Review of Tempe Plumber

Look for companies that post their work online:

Companies that post photos of their completed projects online take pride in their work and are not afraid to show it off. We find that companies willing to post their work online for new customers to view are typically businesses that do great work.

See if they give pricing over the phone:

We find that companies providing rough ranges of pricing over the phone are more trustworthy. These companies seem to care more about what consumers want. Discussing prices over the phone provide consumers with transparency. These companies are usually ones that can be trusted. Remember, a company that doesn’t provide pricing over the phone, doesn’t necessarily mean they are not to be trusted. However, nowadays pricing for services is available online in almost any category. So why don’t more plumbers provide it online or over the phone?

Tempe Plumbing Services Customer Review

Ask the company what to expect when they come to your property:

Look for businesses that provide up-front pricing before repairs start. Find out how their technicians are qualified. Do they certify the technicians to understand plumbing and construction safety? Are their work practices inclusive of Arizona plumbing codes? Is their number one priority fixing the plumbing problem, or taking care of you and your property? We find that many companies focus solely on fixing the plumbing problem, instead of delivering service that takes care of you and your property. Companies that put your best interest first are the ones that we see become top rated Plumbers in Tempe.

Things that do not matter when hiring your Plumber in Tempe

Good looking websites:

Nice sites are easy to read and follow. That is great the company provides that for you. However, a shiny website does not mean they are qualified to handle your repairs. Always look past what the eyes may initially be attracted to. Are they licensed? Do they send out qualified technicians? Will they take care of your property?

Clean-cut technicians.

Plumbers appearances do receive bad connotations in the industry. Having a presentable plumber at your door may feel like a luxury. It definitely demonstrates professionalism when they show up looking presentable. Although clean-cut technicians demonstrate professionalism, it does not necessarily mean they have integrity. Did you check their references before choosing to hire them? This is always a great idea.

Fast, Rapid Response, 24/7:

Another attribute of a company that is great to rely on in the event of an emergency. However, racing out to your property quickly does not mean they are qualified to work on your property. Thoroughly vetting the company prior to hiring them is a prudent decision you’ll never regret.

Legendary Home Services of Tempe not only repairs your plumbing, but they also take care of your property and deliver trust…

Want to make sure you are hiring the right Plumber?

Emergency Tempe Plumbers Review

Being able to trust your plumber seems as difficult as playing darts using spaghetti. Okay, bad example. However, our point about trust still seems very valid.

Why does it seem hard to trust your plumber?

The usual answer is the price. However, more importantly, people feel that plumbers do not look out for their best interest. After being in the plumbing industry for the past 11 years, here at Legendary Home Services, we have amassed tons of information on what people look for when they want a plumber they can trust. We have compiled a simple list of what to look for when you hire your Plumber in Tempe.


When you hire a plumber, the first thing you think of is “What do you guys charge?”. This is typical amongst people looking to hire a service provider. Price is important. However, don’t let price judge everything. Use this is a tool to check the companies trust level. When you call into the company, ask if they can provide a rough range of pricing over the phone. If they are transparent with their pricing over the phone, chances are they can be trusted.

Proving Qualifications:

Many companies tell you they are qualified to handle your plumbing and property repairs. However, why don’t any of them show you? Anyone can say their qualified. Don’t just take their word for it. Ask to see their qualifications. A company that is willing to show you their credentials is typically a company that can be trusted.

Current Liability Insurance:

This is an important one. Just like proving their qualifications, a company should prove they are insured to work on your property. By not asking for their current liability insurance, you take a risk. What happens if they forgot to make their monthly insurance payment? What happens if they had a lapse in coverage? What happens if they do not even have insurance? By hiring a plumber that doesn’t have insurance, you may be assuming responsibility for any accidents that occur onsite.

Rapid Responding Plumber in Tempe AZ


The key to obtaining references is to ask how long the company has been in business. If they have been around for at least a few years, they should have an ample amount of references. If a company provides you with 3 or 4 references, it may be time to call another company. A company that gives you a lengthy list is usually a company you can trust.

If you need a Plumber in Tempe AZ, you can count on the professionals at Legendary Home Services.

A plumber with ample reviews online may be attractive to call, but what are some other things to look for when hiring your Plumber in Tempe?

Let’s face it, we all dislike having to call a service provider to our home to fix something that is broken. Inviting a stranger into our personal, intimate space is never something that we put on “the to do list.” However, things break down, leaks sprout, drains clog, and faucets drip. Having to deal with these issues is a regular part of homeownership. When the time comes to call a plumber, being armed with inside knowledge of the trade will help you find the better choice for your plumbing repairs.

When we ask our customers what they look for in a plumber, they usually say something like this- “I want a plumber that will be honest with me, that does not try to sell me things I do not need. I want a plumber that I feel I can trust. I do not want them to be the cheapest, but I do not want them to be the most expensive either”. “I want a good plumber that gives a good rate are Wouldn’t this be nice to receive from all service providers, let alone the plumber? With our vast experience dealing with consumers all over Tempe, we have compiled information for you, to help you retain the plumber that delivers 5-star exemplary service.

Be sure to read between the lines:

It is great when a company provides prompt, 24/7, professional service. However, these offerings do not necessarily equate to trust and integrity. Knowing if you can trust the company is hard to determine. We find that a company who is willing to be transparent with information over the phone can usually be trusted the most. This means businesses that provide answers to your questions, without telling you they need to send out the field technician. Too many companies offer zero information over the phone. They refuse to answer any questions over the phone. They will only set up an appointment to get their technicians out. In the digital age where so much information is available online, why refuse to give customers what they ask for? Before choosing to hire your Tempe Plumber, look for transparency.

Look for companies that show you their credentials, not just tell you:

tempe plumbersAnyone can say their licensed, insured, and qualified. However, what about showing you they are? Companies that are willing to share their credentials with you are usually ones that put you first, not the plumbing problem. Too many plumbers get fixated on repairing your issue, that they forget what delivering service means.
Although it is great to have a plumber interested and eager to fix your problem, you also want to ensure they deliver service by having respect for your property and work in ways that eliminate your risk and save you money.

Hire the companies that provide references, without you having to ask for them:

The key to references is the quantity. If a company provides you with 2 or 3 references, they may have something to hide. If a company has been around more than a few years, shouldn’t they have more than 2 or 3 references? I would surely think so. Don’t accept a few references. If the list they provide you has multiple pages, chances are you are hiring the right guys for the job.

It is frustrating to call a service plumbing company to explain your issue, all to find out they do not provide a rough range of pricing over the phone. What happens if you book service and then you find out you cannot afford the repairs? Often, the company has a service fee or dispatch fee that is charged before they can provide you with an estimate. There are certainly projects that require a full diagnosis before accurate pricing can be given, but there are tons of repairs that don’t need a diagnosis before pricing can be given. Why don’t plumbers want to provide you with some price range over the phone?

Why else do people choose Legendary Home Services?


If you ask, we will answer. We will not evade your pricing questions over the phone. We will always be up front and transparent about the information we have. If you ask for a range of pricing or a “ballpark quote,” we will give you one.

Tempe Plumbers Customer Reviews

Our work is inclusive of Arizona building and plumbing codes:

Plumbing codes are designed to set the standards for installations and repairs. Plumbing and building codes safeguard the health and safety of the people inhabiting the property. However, what good are the standards if they are not followed? By hiring Legendary Home Services, you can be assured you will receive not only a plumber but an expert. An expert that is there for you. We put you first, and your plumbing problem second. We will never disregard plumbing codes just to save some time or a few bucks.

Examples of the plumbing issues regularly handled by our Tempe plumbing professionals:

When you want fast plumbing response for your home or business in Tempe, you will be delighted with the range of services offered including by our professionals – water heater repair, copper repiping, sewer and drain replacement, toilet stoppages, as well as sink, shower and tub problems.  It’s one of the reasons why we are the Tempe plumbers of choice. So whenever you need a Tempe plumber, it will be a relief when the plumbing experts from Legendary Home Services arrive on-time, and with a total commitment to your satisfaction. It’s an assurance of a great solution to your plumbing problems.  Call the Tempe Plumbing experts today at: 602-428-6143

  • General Plumbing

  • Faucets

  • Toilets

  • Fixtures

  • Bathroom Remodels

  • Sinks

  • Drain Cleaning

  • Hydro-­‐Jetting

  • Epoxy Lining

  • Sewer Replacements

  • Sewer Repairs

  • Water line Repairs

  • Slab Leaks ­‐water and sewer

  • Permits

  • Inspections

  • Irrigation repairs

  • Asbestos Removal

  • Remediation

  • Water Cleanup

  • Foam Shield

  • Leak Detection

  • Odor Investigations

  • Infrared Moisture Detections

  • Water Quality Testing

  • VOC’s

  • Mold

  • Fungal Contamination

  • Insurance Claim Support

  • Sewer Inspections

  • Sewer Camera Recordings

  • Water Testing

  • Sewer Rodding

  • Drain Replacements/Repairs

  • Water Softening

  • Water Heaters

  • Water Treatment

  • Whole House Filters

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