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People Choose Us Because:

We respect your home

We use floor protectors and wear shoe covers.

We give you warranties

You only pay for the repair once.

We are fully insured

You are not paying for accidents on your property.

We are licensed

Which gives you 3rd party protection.

We are professional

Expect a qualified, polite, educated, clean service pro.

In business for over 10 years

We know the area, codes, and what works and what doesn’t work.

Need same day service? We’re happy to help. Call 602-900-9010, and we’ll be on the way!

What Our Customers Say:

They came very fast. I was amazed at the response time. Their prices were low and I was very happy at the job they performed. Job well done guys!

Dave S. Chandler AZ
Dave S. Chandler, AZ

I was so impressed with their level of service given. They answered when I first called and even gave me a follow up call when the job was complete just to make sure I was happy. Wow.

Theresa W. Phoenix AZ
Theresa W. Phoenix, AZ

We really appreciate all the hard work. What I loved most is how clean they kept my home during construction. I will recommend highly! Thank you.

Nancy F. Scottsdale AZ
Nancy F. Scottsdale,AZ

Homeowners and residents of Tempe, count on Legendary Home Services to provide them with the best plumbing services imaginable.

Our job is to provide plumbing services that will keep you and the property safe.  All of our plumbing services that we provide comply with local and state Licensing regulations, construction safety, local building codes, and OSHA requirements.   This means the technician that arrives to your home will work in a way that has your best interests a priority.  We will work safer, more efficiently, and provide a level of service that takes care of you, your home, and saves you money!

What services can Legendary Home Services’ Tempe area plumbers provide?

Our fully certified, experienced and insured plumbers can do virtually anything a Tempe, AZ property owner or renter might need. From sewer and water main connections to clearing blocked drains, the plumbers from Legendary Home Services are fast, professional and will deliver the best plumbing services imaginable.

Basic Plumbing Services

Just call Legendary’s plumbing team for any service you’d like to inquire about. Have questions before you book service?  We love to answer questions over the phone.

Emergency Plumbing work

Sometimes, it just can’t wait for Monday or even the following morning. If you need emergency work done right now, any time of the day or night, call Legendary, and we will get an expert technician out to you right away!  Plumbing leak? Clogged drain?  Don’t worry, we can help.

Leak Detection

If you are experiencing a mystery leak, high water bill, or notice wet spots on your floors, we have the tools, expertise, and craftsmen to solve this problem for you.  Our leak detection experts use advanced leak detection equipment to locate the water source around your property.  We can find leaks on the outside of the home, and leaks that derive from under your concrete slab.  If you need underslab leak detection, or want help solving your high water bill, let us know; we love to help.

Main Sewer Stoppages

Clogged drains are a source of frustration. We understand when your drain clogs you want service immediately and you are looking for an inexpensive solution.  Here at Legendary Home Services, for what we do we are the cheapest in town.  Count on us to come quickly, and mitigate your drain backup issues. We carry advanced drain cleaning equipment to power through any blockage, including roots, grease, sludge, food, and debris. Ask about a free sewer camera inspection after we clear your drain.  Running a sewer camera will provide our expert drain technician with insight to why your drain is clogging.

Hot Water Recirculating Pumps

When you turn on your shower or faucet, do you notice that it takes a few minutes for the water to get hot?  This is due to the length of pipe between your water heater and your fixture.  Most people in Tempe are not aware that hot water recirculating pumps can solve this annoying issue. A hot water recirculating pump can be installed right on top of your existing water heater. It will recirculate hot water through the hot water pipes keeping the water hot at all times.  When you turn on your faucet, shower, or hot water tap, your hot water will arrive instantly.   This will not only save water consumption but rid the annoying wait for the water to get hot.

Leaky faucets

We can silence your leaky faucets, saving you hundreds of dollars every year and helping you sleep easier to boot. According to the National Sanitation Foundation, just one leaky faucet can waste up to 2000 gallons of water each year. The cost of each leaky tap adds up quickly, and all of those drips can damage your sinks by leaving a trail of mineral deposits staining your basin.

Replacing or upgrading your water pipes

Just call Legendary if you are ready to replace your aging, slow, or unreliable pipes with all new plumbing – Whether you need galvanized water repiping or a whole house PEX repipe, we can handle it. Not only will this do away with slow, discolored and low-pressure water, but it can also even prevent scalding in the shower when someone flushes a nearby toilet!

Installing or replacing a garbage disposal

Until you have used a modern, efficient, high capacity garbage disposal, you haven’t lived. If your disposal is on its last legs, or if you are simply interested in getting the best there is to be had – at any price level – Legendary’s plumbers can help.

Replacing your old water heater

Whether you are tired of having to manage a shower schedule to make sure everyone gets enough hot water, your water heater has stopped working entirely, or you just want to see what a new, hyper-efficient high-performance water heater could do for you, Legendary Home Services is whom you need to call first.

New, high-efficient gas storage water heaters are much more effective than their older counterparts and can keep homes of nearly any size supplied with uninterrupted hot water for mere pennies.

Newer electric storage tank water heaters have also been upgraded to provide better-insulated tanks.  This results in fewer times the water heater will turn on throughout the day heating the stored water.  This will conserve energy and decrease your electric bill. Everyone loves to save money.

On-demand gas or electric tankless water heaters are very popular– they do not store a tank of hot water continuously, so they are much more efficient than tanked systems. Instead, they have the capacity to heat water as you use it, just as hot as you like it.  Call today and ask us how we can make certain you never run out of hot water again.

Clearing clogged toilets and drains of all kinds

We have all been there – it does not matter how it happened, but your sink, toilet or other drain is not working, and you need to get it back working fast! Whether you just need a clog removed or your entire drain snaked, we can help, and help quickly!

Repairing or replacing old or broken toilets

Whether you cannot stand to look at that ancient toilet any longer, or you simply want to become a part of the modern, green, energy and water efficient world, now is a perfect time. Our trained plumbers can source and install some of the most stylish – and efficient – units available today.

Fixing broken tubs, showers and faucets

Whether you need a quick repair or a complete new kitchen or bathroom installed, we can handle it for you, and for less than you might expect! Call today, and schedule an appointment whenever is most convenient for you!

Video sewer line inspection and repairs

Our expert technicians use the latest camera-based equipment to spot cracks, leaks and other flaws in your sewer lines, and can often even repair them without digging them up! If you need a drain repair, call today and ask about our trenchless sewer replacement technology.

Solar water heating installation and maintenance

We all want the world to be a greener place. We do not mind having lower electric bills and an increased home value as well. Solar water heaters are especially effective in warm, sunny climates like Tempe, and they can keep your family supplied with piping hot water on demand even in the winter.

Not only will this typically improve the sale price of your home, but it also reduces your carbon footprint and consumes fewer fossil fuels than electric or even gas water heaters.

Want to know more? Call us today; we would love to discuss your needs.

Installing or maintaining a misting system

Think of it as clean, efficient and inexpensive outdoor air conditioning. It can help keep your pool area, deck or patio cool and comfortable in the middle of the worst heat Tempe can offer, and doesn’t cost a fortune to run either!

Our plumbers can design and fit misting systems for just about any residential commercial, industrial or agricultural purpose.

Frequently asked questions our Tempe Plumbers receive and love to answer:


Why can’t the temperature of my shower stay constant when someone is running water or flushing the toilet? Can this be fixed?


This kind of thing usually happens when another tap or appliance (such as a washing machine) is on the same plumbing system. Opening 2 taps at once reduces the total pressure in the line. That means that, suddenly, there is just as much hot water getting to your showerhead, but less cold (or vice versa).

You can prevent or greatly minimize this effect, in any case. We advise buying a pressure balance valve or a set of shower hardware that incorporates a pressure balance feature. This will compensate automatically when the hot or cold water pressure changes. It will not only prevent sudden unexpected cold showers, but it will also prevent scalding.


Why is there an unpleasant odor coming from my kitchen sink drain, and how can I get rid of it?


This is usually a result of harmless (but unpleasant) ‘sulfate reducing bacterial’ colonizing the drain and pipes leading from your sink. They become more active when exposed to hot water. They do not cause disease, just a bad smell.

In the short term, you can kill most of these bacteria with either bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Just pour a cup or so down the drain when the smell becomes noticeable.

In the long term, you should have your drain completely disassembled from time to time, and cleaned out entirely. Not only will this eliminate the bacteria that cause the smell, but it will also make clogs less likely.


Why do my pipes rattle, and how can I make them stop?


Often, pipes rattle when they have not been secured properly to the walls of your home. The pipes typically run for long distances inside your walls or attic, and they should be secured to the studs firmly every few feet.

This can usually be solved without tearing up the walls, in any case. Fitting an ‘air hammer arrestor’ is all it usually takes.


Why does my hot water smell like rotten eggs, and how can I make it stop?


The ‘rotten egg smell’ is typically hydrogen sulfide gas. It could be naturally occurring in the groundwater in your area. It could be the result of certain types of (completely harmless) bacteria living in the water, in your well, or in your water distribution system. It could even be coming from a chemical process inside an older water heater.

If the source is an old, internally fouled water heater, that can be changed. If the source is your pipes or water system, those can (usually) be cleaned. It could even indicate pollution of your water supply. Of the smell in inherent to your groundwater, though, there might not be much you can do.

Your best bet is to have a professional attempt to determine the source of the smell before you decide to treat it in any way.


How can I clear hair clogs from my shower and other drains? Is there a way to prevent them in the first place?


Well, good old fashioned Draino ® works really well for hair-based clogs.

If you have tried that already, a product called Zip-It Clean is the next step up. Mixing either product with boiling water can increase its effectiveness dramatically, but take the extra case when doing so.

If that does not work, you might need to call a plumber. For particularly difficult clogs, using chemicals does little more than force the clog deeper down the pipe. Manually cleaning the drain or snaking the pipe is almost certain to work, and can even increase the flow of your drain.

You can also buy rubber screens intended to filter hair and other debris out before they go down your drains. These are available at any hardware store. It is as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


How would I know if my pipes are leaking?


In a few simple to follow steps, we can guide you on what to check.

Step 1: Turn off all of your faucets, taps, valves and water-using appliances.

Step 2: Make sure your toilets are not running, closing the supply valves to them if necessary.

Step 3: Look at your water meter. If it is still showing water usage (any at all), then you either have a pipe leak, or you missed a tap somewhere.

If you do see water usage once everything is turned off, you need to get a plumber in quickly!

That is where we can help. Tempe residents rely on us to provide plumbing services with the highest degree of professionalism. Contact our expert team today.

Why do more people choose Legendary Home Services as their Plumber in Tempe?

With 24/7 service, rapid response times, and written warranties, it is easy to see why 5,000 customers a year count on Legendary Home Services.

Our customers come to us when they want a plumber that not only can fix their plumbing issue, but also provide information and pricing over the phone, take care of their property, and deliver the best service possible. Providing customers with trust and transparency has helped Legendary Home Services become top rated Plumbers in Tempe AZ.

If you are reading this page, you are like most other people that find their plumbers online. A quick Google search will yield a ton of results. However, with so many listings online, what makes each company different? How do you really know you are getting the right company for your repairs? Just because the company calls themselves “Plumbers”, doesn’t make them qualified or trustworthy.

Instead of taking a chance and gambling with your hiring decisions, use the Ultimate Checklist to Hiring the Right Plumber in Tempe AZ.

Customer Review of Tempe Plumber

Look for companies that post their work online:

Companies that post photos of their completed projects online take pride in their work and are not afraid to show it off. We find that companies willing to post their work online for new customers to view are typically businesses that do great work.

See if they give pricing over the phone:

We find that companies providing rough ranges of pricing over the phone are more trustworthy. These companies seem to care more about what consumers want. Discussing prices over the phone provide consumers with transparency. These companies are usually ones that can be trusted. Remember, a company that doesn’t provide pricing over the phone, doesn’t necessarily mean they are not to be trusted. However, nowadays pricing for services is available online in almost any category. So why don’t more plumbers provide it online or over the phone?

Tempe Plumbing Services Customer Review

Ask the company what to expect when they come to your property:

Look for businesses that provide up-front pricing before repairs start. Find out how their technicians are qualified. Do they certify the technicians to understand plumbing and construction safety? Are their work practices inclusive of Arizona plumbing codes? Is their number one priority fixing the plumbing problem, or taking care of you and your property? We find that many companies focus solely on fixing the plumbing problem, instead of delivering service that takes care of you and your property. Companies that put your best interest first are the ones that we see become top rated Plumbers in Tempe.

Things that do not matter when hiring your Plumber in Tempe

Good looking websites:

Nice sites are easy to read and follow. That is great the company provides that for you. However, a shiny website does not mean they are qualified to handle your repairs. Always look past what the eyes may initially be attracted to. Are they licensed? Do they send out qualified technicians? Will they take care of your property?

Clean-cut technicians.

Plumbers appearances do receive bad connotations in the industry. Having a presentable plumber at your door may feel like a luxury. It definitely demonstrates professionalism when they show up looking presentable. Although clean-cut technicians demonstrate professionalism, it does not necessarily mean they have integrity. Did you check their references before choosing to hire them? This is always a great idea.

Fast, Rapid Response, 24/7:

Another attribute of a company that is great to rely on in the event of an emergency. However, racing out to your property quickly does not mean they are qualified to work on your property. Thoroughly vetting the company prior to hiring them is a prudent decision you’ll never regret.

Legendary Home Services of Tempe not only repairs your plumbing, but they also take care of your property and deliver trust…

Want to make sure you are hiring the right Plumber?

Emergency Tempe Plumbers Review

Being able to trust your plumber seems as difficult as playing darts using spaghetti. Okay, bad example. However, our point about trust still seems very valid.

Why does it seem hard to trust your plumber?

The usual answer is the price. However, more importantly, people feel that plumbers do not look out for their best interest. After being in the plumbing industry for the past 11 years, here at Legendary Home Services, we have amassed tons of information on what people look for when they want a plumber they can trust. We have compiled a simple list of what to look for when you hire your Plumber in Tempe.


When you hire a plumber, the first thing you think of is “What do you guys charge?”. This is typical amongst people looking to hire a service provider. Price is important. However, don’t let price judge everything. Use this is a tool to check the companies trust level. When you call into the company, ask if they can provide a rough range of pricing over the phone. If they are transparent with their pricing over the phone, chances are they can be trusted.

Proving Qualifications:

Many companies tell you they are qualified to handle your plumbing and property repairs. However, why don’t any of them show you? Anyone can say their qualified. Don’t just take their word for it. Ask to see their qualifications. A company that is willing to show you their credentials is typically a company that can be trusted.

Current Liability Insurance:

This is an important one. Just like proving their qualifications, a company should prove they are insured to work on your property. By not asking for their current liability insurance, you take a risk. What happens if they forgot to make their monthly insurance payment? What happens if they had a lapse in coverage? What happens if they do not even have insurance? By hiring a plumber that doesn’t have insurance, you may be assuming responsibility for any accidents that occur onsite.

Rapid Responding Plumber in Tempe AZ


The key to obtaining references is to ask how long the company has been in business. If they have been around for at least a few years, they should have an ample amount of references. If a company provides you with 3 or 4 references, it may be time to call another company. A company that gives you a lengthy list is usually a company you can trust.

If you need a Plumber in Tempe AZ, you can count on the professionals at Legendary Home Services.

A plumber with ample reviews online may be attractive to call, but what are some other things to look for when hiring your Plumber in Tempe?

Let’s face it, we all dislike having to call a service provider to our home to fix something that is broken. Inviting a stranger into our personal, intimate space is never something that we put on “the to do list.” However, things break down, leaks sprout, drains clog, and faucets drip. Having to deal with these issues is a regular part of homeownership. When the time comes to call a plumber, being armed with inside knowledge of the trade will help you find the better choice for your plumbing repairs.

When we ask our customers what they look for in a plumber, they usually say something like this- “I want a plumber that will be honest with me, that does not try to sell me things I do not need. I want a plumber that I feel I can trust. I do not want them to be the cheapest, but I do not want them to be the most expensive either”. “I want a good plumber that gives a good rate are Wouldn’t this be nice to receive from all service providers, let alone the plumber? With our vast experience dealing with consumers all over Tempe, we have compiled information for you, to help you retain the plumber that delivers 5-star exemplary service.

Be sure to read between the lines:

It is great when a company provides prompt, 24/7, professional service. However, these offerings do not necessarily equate to trust and integrity. Knowing if you can trust the company is hard to determine. We find that a company who is willing to be transparent with information over the phone can usually be trusted the most. This means businesses that provide answers to your questions, without telling you they need to send out the field technician. Too many companies offer zero information over the phone. They refuse to answer any questions over the phone. They will only set up an appointment to get their technicians out. In the digital age where so much information is available online, why refuse to give customers what they ask for? Before choosing to hire your Tempe Plumber, look for transparency.

Look for companies that show you their credentials, not just tell you:

tempe plumbersAnyone can say their licensed, insured, and qualified. However, what about showing you they are? Companies that are willing to share their credentials with you are usually ones that put you first, not the plumbing problem. Too many plumbers get fixated on repairing your issue, that they forget what delivering service means.
Although it is great to have a plumber interested and eager to fix your problem, you also want to ensure they deliver service by having respect for your property and work in ways that eliminate your risk and save you money.

Hire the companies that provide references, without you having to ask for them:

The key to references is the quantity. If a company provides you with 2 or 3 references, they may have something to hide. If a company has been around more than a few years, shouldn’t they have more than 2 or 3 references? I would surely think so. Don’t accept a few references. If the list they provide you has multiple pages, chances are you are hiring the right guys for the job.

It is frustrating to call a service plumbing company to explain your issue, all to find out they do not provide a rough range of pricing over the phone. What happens if you book service and then you find out you cannot afford the repairs? Often, the company has a service fee or dispatch fee that is charged before they can provide you with an estimate. There are certainly projects that require a full diagnosis before accurate pricing can be given, but there are tons of repairs that don’t need a diagnosis before pricing can be given. Why don’t plumbers want to provide you with some price range over the phone?

Why else do people choose Legendary Home Services?


If you ask, we will answer. We will not evade your pricing questions over the phone. We will always be up front and transparent about the information we have. If you ask for a range of pricing or a “ballpark quote,” we will give you one.

Tempe Plumbers Customer Reviews

Our work is inclusive of Arizona building and plumbing codes:

Plumbing codes are designed to set the standards for installations and repairs. Plumbing and building codes safeguard the health and safety of the people inhabiting the property. However, what good are the standards if they are not followed? By hiring Legendary Home Services, you can be assured you will receive not only a plumber but an expert. An expert that is there for you. We put you first, and your plumbing problem second. We will never disregard plumbing codes just to save some time or a few bucks.

Do I Have a Slab Leak in My Tempe Home?

Tempe, AZ Hot Water Slab Leak ServicesSlab leaks commonly occur when the clay underneath the concrete foundation of a home gets wet and expands. Since the plumbing network is an underground channel of pipes and fittings that a connected to the foundation, the shifting can crack the fittings.

When this happens, water will begin to leak from the crack and collect under the concrete that your home is built on. Unfortunately, since these leaks are occurring in an area that is not visible unless you demolish your Tempe flooring and break through the slab, leaks in this area can be difficult to detect.

While you will not be able to see the water, there are signs that you can look for that will signify that it’s time to call the plumber. While there is not an indicator that will go off when water is accumulating under your home, your home does talk to you in its own special way to try and alert you of a problem. Here are 3 things your Tempe home might be saying:

You Notice Mold and Mildew Accumulating Under Your Tempe Carpet

When water collects under your concrete, it has no other place to go but upwards. Since your flooring is right above the slab, you may start to noticed mildew or even mold growths underneath the flooring.

If you have carpet, you could begin to smell the mildew, but if you have tile or wood flooring, the signal could be cracks or bubbles. These are all signs to take seriously.

Your Water Bill Has Gone Up Dramatically in Your Tempe Home

If your Tempe home water bill has suddenly gone up so high that it seems as if you are filling a pool every month, you could very likely have a leak. Water bills can speak to you if you take the time to review usage regularly.

Leaks can lead to a loss of over 10,000 gallons of water over just a month, so if you have water accumulating under your slab it will cost you in more ways than one.

You Can Hear Water Running All Hours of the Day in Your Tempe Home

If all of your Tempe faucets are off and you are not running appliances, you should not hear running water in your home. If your home is quiet and you hear running water, splashing or a hissing sound, there is a chance that your pipes are leaking under your home somewhere near where you are located.

If you have noticed any of the red flags above, it is time to call a plumber for professional leak detection. Ignoring the signs will cost you more in the long haul and can lead to some serious health risks if components in the home begin to rot.

Not sure in you have a slab leak in your Tempe, AZ home? Call Legendary Home Services at (602) 428-6143 today, and find out now!

What Are 3 Major Signs of Needing Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining Services in My Tempe Home?

Tempe CIPP Services in Tempe, AZA cured in place pipe (CIPP) is a trenchless rehabilitation method that is often utilized to repair existing pipelines in your Tempe home Cured in place pipes provide a way to rehabilitate a pipe from the inside and often range in diameter between 4 to 110 inches.

This method of rehabilitation is one of the most common when it comes to repairing piping and can be applied to water, gas, chemical, and sewer pipelines. The simple nature of pipes is that, like anything else used every day, they eventually need repair. Here’s 3 major signs that pipes need cured in place (CIPP) lining services:

There’s A Blockage in The Pipe in Your Tempe Home

Blockages often occur in dryer climates. In these climates, plant life may capitalize on a nearby sewer system for the water or nutrients inside your Tempe Home. Plants will work their roots inside of underground piping to keep themselves alive and will eventually work themselves into a complete blockage of the interior of the pipes.

When these blockages occur, a cured in place pipe can be used to form a new barrier to keep the plants in the ground and whatever is running in the pipe completely separate.

The Structural Integrity Has Worn in Your Tempe Pipes

In the same way that pipes may eventually develop cracks or holes, years of use will inevitably wear piping down and cause its integrity to falter. When this happens, cured in place piping services can work to reinvigorate the structural integrity of a piping system.

As the pipes become brittle, the cured in place pipe that is placed inside of the original system will act as a way to keep the overall structure strong and intact.

An Increase in Capacity Flow is Needed in Your Tempe Pipes

If a pipe system seems to be offering a slower flow than is needed, a cured in place pipe lining service may be just what it needs. Rather than trenching and digging up an entire area, the cured in place pipe can be inserted and set without any trenching required.

While the cross-section of the pipe may be reduced, the cured in place pipe lining system will offer an increased capacity flow. This often results in a much greater speed of flow and will overall enhance the operation of the pipes themselves.

Do You Need Cured in Place Pipe Lining Services in your Tempe, AZ home? Call Legendary Home Services today at (602) 428-6143.

What is the Average Cost of (CIPP) Cured in Place Pipe Lining Services?

Tempe, AZ Cured in Place Pipe TechnologyCIPP is a technology that is designed to achieve drainage pipes replacement with minimum impact on the immediate environment. It is a method that is used to reline culverts by use of thermosetting, a resin impregnated flexible tube that is expanded and cured by use of hot water or steam.

This trenchless technology has provided an alternative to sewer drain replacement that is being referred to as Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) where a pipe is created within another existing pipe. The technique has been in existence for over 25 years now, and these new developments are causing a revolution in the plumbing industry.

Types of CIPP in Tempe

There are two main applications of this technology; “Pull-In-Place” (PIP) and the “Inversion Technique”. You will realize that most of the companies specialize in one of the two methods though there are others who are experts in both methods.

Pull-In-Place involves the use of liners that are put into position, filled with epoxy and then cured into place to strengthen the existing drainage pipes. The biggest advantage of this technique is the ability to perform localized repairs. The plumber doesn’t need to line the whole length but can structurally epoxy line multiple angles to reach to a particular range.

Inversion method involves the use of a pressure vessel to push air or water that then turns the liner inside out pushing it along the host pipe. The liner is then cured at ambient temperatures or can also be accelerated by use of heat circulated by the inversion water or treating it with UV radiation.

Applications of CIPP

CIPP technology can be used to rehabilitate many underground drainage systems in your Tempe area. They include the storm water drainage, sanitary sewers, pressure water pipelines, process effluents and gas piping. The main advantage with CIPP is that it performs it functions with little or no disturbance to the existing layout.

Average Cost of CIPP Services in Tempe

The cost of CIPP varies with the extent of lining to be done and the location of the drain pipes. At an average cost, it would cost around $100 per foot for trenchless rehabilitation outdoors and around $140 per foot under structures.

If you’re looking for more answers on CIPP Cured in Place Pipe Lining services in your Tempe, AZ area, call Legendary Home Services. One phone call away at (602) 428-6143. Get the best reliable services from the right professionals.

Examples of the plumbing issues regularly handled by our Tempe plumbing professionals:

When you want fast plumbing response for your home or business in Tempe, you will be delighted with the range of services offered including by our professionals – water heater repair, copper repiping, sewer and drain replacement, toilet stoppages, as well as sink, shower and tub problems.  It’s one of the reasons why we are the Tempe plumbers of choice. So whenever you need a Tempe plumber, it will be a relief when the plumbing experts from Legendary Home Services arrive on-time, and with a total commitment to your satisfaction. It’s an assurance of a great solution to your plumbing problems.  Call the Tempe Plumbing experts today at: 602-428-6143

  • General Plumbing

  • Faucets

  • Toilets

  • Fixtures

  • Bathroom Remodels

  • Sinks

  • Drain Cleaning

  • Hydro-­‐Jetting

  • Epoxy Lining

  • Sewer Replacements

  • Sewer Repairs

  • Water line Repairs

  • Slab Leaks ­‐water and sewer

  • Permits

  • Inspections

  • Irrigation repairs

  • Asbestos Removal

  • Remediation

  • Water Cleanup

  • Foam Shield

  • Leak Detection

  • Odor Investigations

  • Infrared Moisture Detections

  • Water Quality Testing

  • VOC’s

  • Mold

  • Fungal Contamination

  • Insurance Claim Support

  • Sewer Inspections

  • Sewer Camera Recordings

  • Water Testing

  • Sewer Rodding

  • Drain Replacements/Repairs

  • Water Softening

  • Water Heaters

  • Water Treatment

  • Whole House Filters

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