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Water Damage Drying Services Phoenix, AZ

After your home has been flooded for any reason, one of the biggest jobs to take on is drying your floors, walls and possessions, so you can get back to your normal routine. Leaving the house to dry on its own will only result in mold and rotten wood and other materials with bacteria and other organisms thrown in for good measure. The key is to align yourself with a high quality plumber that specializes in water damage drying.

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Does This Sound Like You?

Water damage has many different causes, and no one is better or worse than the other, because the result is always the same. Some water damage is more severe, but whatever the cause, your home is wet and professional drying services are required. Some of the common reasons your home may have water damage include normal leaking pipes, burst pipes, split hoses, appliance overflows, clogged toilets, water seeping into the house from behind walls or foundation cracks.

Professional Drying At Its Best

When water is leaking into your home, you may see damage on baseboards, wooden floors, carpets, walls, ceilings and other fixtures. The water damage drying process many begin with extracting any standing water, then using dehumidification equipment for floors, walls and other elements to help prevent mold growth. Throughout the process, technicians will keep a close eye on the moisture levels in the house, to ensure it is where it should be when they are finished.

Types of Water Damage

Wet is wet, but not all water damage is created equal. The most innocuous type of damage is called Category 1 water, or white water that comes from tubs or appliances that have overflowed. Category 2 water is known as gray water and this water is usually contaminated to some degree. If category 2 water is left for more than a few days, it can become category 3 water, which is also known as black water. The main source of black water is sewage and can also occur in a flood, washing all sorts of contaminants into your home.

If your home has suffered some degree of water damage and you need the area dried and cleaned up in a hurry, call Legendary Home Services at (602) 900-9010 in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding area so we can provide you with an effective solution.

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