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Phoenix Water Heater Installation & Repair Phoenix, AZ

Having a broken water heater can create a seriously inconvenient situation in your home, especially if you have multiple family members all fighting over the hot water on the best of days. When you have a water heater issue, it is important to have it addressed as soon as possible, so you can avoid a lengthy service disruption and keep everyone in the household happy.

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Is My Water Heater Broken?

Ideally, your water heater should produce hot water for you and your family when you need it. Naturally, the tank will run out of hot water and need replenishing if it is used too much, but hot water is why you need your water heater. Some of the signs that may indicate you need repairs made include not having access to hot water from your faucets, water pooling or puddling around the water tank, a burnt out pilot light on the water heater or water bills that are higher than they need to be.

Have the Thermostat Checked

Quite often, the thermostat that’s located on the water heater is the culprit when it comes to a water heater malfunction. When the sensors stop working correctly, your water heater won’t get the proper signals and the temperature could fluctuate wildly. When you call for service, the thermostat will be on the list of things your plumber will check. You can also call and mention the thermostat specifically, if you feel it is causing the problem.

Only Professional Installation & Repair

Since the water heater in your home may be tied into the gas line, and is tied to the electrical and plumbing systems, it’s always best for a professional to take the reins and take control of the installation and repair. Professional service providers are properly trained to deal with any issues during the repair or installation process, they are familiar with local building codes and they know all the different manufacturers. If safety and a successful repair or installation is your main priority, then professional service is the only way to go.

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