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Water Softener System Installation Repair Services Phoenix, AZ

When a good water softener is working away, it exchanges calcium and magnesium or hardness ions, for sodium and potassium ions. This exchange typically takes place inside the resin tank of your water softener, and in the end you’ll have soft water without any of the annoying signs of hard water, flowing from every faucet in your home.

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What Makes Water Hard

Hard water is caused by too much calcium and magnesium in the water. If you live close to rock formations, the dissolved minerals can leach into your water supply, causing hard water and its effects. Hard water isn’t dangerous and you won’t notice any ill effects for cooking or even drinking, but it does have some effects that most people don’t enjoy.

Telltale Signs to Watch For

Limescale is the primary sign that you have hard water. This white residue can form on several different surfaces, including cups and glasses, certain appliances, cutlery and silver faucets and fixtures. Sometimes, it forms on the bottom of cookware and may alter the temperature on the inside of the pot or casserole dish when you are trying to cook. Limescale is tricky to remove, but even if you do get rid of it, the problem won’t be solved until you get it out of the house entirely.

Hard water also makes it challenging to lather up soap and shampoo the way it is supposed to lather. This often results in flat or dull hair that makes it especially challenging when trying to do your hair. When soap won’t lather properly, your laundry will also be hard and stiff, making some of your clothes uncomfortable to wear.

Whole-House vs. DIY

If you want a short-term solution and temporary fix, then you may want to try a store-bought water softening product. Sometimes they will remove the limescale, but it rarely lasts for long. With a whole-house water softening system, you can use any faucet or water fixture in the house and the water will no longer be hard. No more negative effects in the shower, the laundry or anywhere else.

If you have the signs of hard water in your home and want to do something about it, call Legendary Home Services at (602) 900-9010 in the Phoenix, AZ area and we will schedule an appointment to solve the problem for you.Water Softener System Installation Repair Services Phoenix, AZ

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