Looking for an affordable plumber in Phoenix and The Valley?

Our clients come to us when they want a professional who is not only going to fix their problem, but also take care of their home, keep them safe, and help them save money

Need Emergency Master Plumbing Services in Phoenix?

With 24/7 service, rapid response times, and written warranties, it is easy to see why 5,000 customers a year count on Legendary Home Services.

Master Plumbing Services in Phoenix“People come to us looking for a plumber that will fix their plumbing issue, respect their property, provide them with a written warranty, show up on-time, and deliver the best service possible.”


We can handle any plumbing repairs including drain cleaning, leak detection, repairing pipe leaks, and trenchless sewer repairs.

We will not tell you we are licensed, insured, or qualified. We show you. With every project, we provide you a copy of our current liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, proof of licensing, relevant certifications, and references. This will give you peace of mind, knowing the technicians working on your property will not be leaving you with any liability after working.

Residential Construction License

residential construction license phoenix

Residential/Commercial Plumbing License

residential commercial plumbing license

Need a 24-Hour Plumber in Phoenix?

Don’t want to take time off work? We can help. With flexibility in scheduling and 24/7 service, we can come at your convenience. Need to schedule a service visit for when you are off work? That will be our pleasure. Contact us to book service, and we will be there at your time.


Scheduling service only takes a minute. We can make it out to you same day. We will provide not just a plumber, but an expert. Moreover, an expert that will show up on time, respect your property, and work in a safe manner that keep you and the home safe. Our work is inclusive of construction safety practices. This means you will not be left with liability upon completion of your repairs.

Want to Hire the Best Plumbers in Phoenix?

best plumbers in phoenix

We deliver trust by being completely transparent.

Do you want a price over the phone? It will be our pleasure. Just call and ask. (or email, we accept that too).

Do you have specific questions about a repair and don’t want to schedule service yet? No problem, we are here to help. You ask, we answer.

Would you like a range of pricing for a larger project? We got your back. We can provide a range of pricing for all sorts of services.

Want to know if we are qualified but don’t have time to do online research? Your wish is our command. We can provide you with a plethora of references, proof of qualifications, and copies of our liability insurance.

Common Questions People Ask of Us When Booking Service:

Do you provide subsurface leak detection?

Yes, we do. We have sophisticated leak detection equipment to pinpoint even the smallest leaks.

leak detection equipment Phoenix

I have a clogged drain; do you offer drain clearing service?

Yes, we can help. We carry advanced equipment to clear the toughest of clogs.


We can clear any drain in the home including:

  • Kitchen drain
  • Garbage disposal
  • Lavatory sink
  • Shower or tub drains
  • Main sewer line
  • Commercial drains
  • Area drains or irrigation pipes
  • Laundry drains

Before Drain Cleaning

After Drain Cleaning

If my drain continually clogs, can you tell me why?

Yes. After every drain clearing service, we utilize a sewer and drain camera to inspect within the drain to view the cause of backup. There is no extra charge for running the camera.


I have a leak outside in the yard, can you locate it?

Yes, we can. Leak detection is an intricate, precision type of service. We carry high-tech, specialized tools to track down the source of leak. If you have a leak, we will find it.


Are you licensed with the ROC?

Absolutely. You can trust us to handle your plumbing, water damage clean-up, mold remediation, and trenchless sewer repairs.

Current status of the ROC website

Atrizona ROC Status

Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Fix Broken Drains?

Trenchless pipe lining is a service that can repair drains without digging them up. As a specialty contractor, we can repair virtually any pipe without the need for trenching.

Before Trenchless Pipe Liner

Before Trenchless Pipe Liner

After Trenchless Pipe Liner

After Trenchless Pipe Liner

Can you replace my sewer line with Trenchless Sewer Replacement?

Yes. A technique called “pipe bursting” can replace your sewer without trenching through your yard, street, or property.

Hydraulic equipment is used to “burst” your old pipe open to make room for a new pipe

Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Do you have online customer reviews?

We currently have over one-hundred and twenty, 5-star reviews listed online.

online customer reviews

I’m looking for the most trusted Plumber in Phoenix, how do I know I can trust you?

Trust, Transparency, Respect for your property, and Work Safety is what you will receive when you choose Legendary Home Services as your Plumber.

most trusted plumber in phoenix

“Your technician was so helpful fixing my slab leak. The owner called me after the service to ensure I was completely satisfied. I appreciate everything they have done, and I will always count on Legendary Home Services for my plumbing repairs.” – Kathy Davis

What are some things that distinguish Legendary Home Services from others?


How does a company deliver this? Simple. By answering your questions over the phone, without forcing you to schedule service. Have you ever called a plumber and asked for a rough range of pricing over the phone? Most companies tell you they cannot give it to you because they do not carry pricing in the office. Now, I am sure the person answering the phone is not always the plumber coming out to your property, but if a company is to be trusted, shouldn’t they be transparent with their pricing?


Most people will trust someone if they like them. However, what happens if the plumber is just good at building rapport? Just because their likable doesn’t mean, they can be trusted. So how do you come to trust your plumber? Well, if they are transparent over the phone, that is a good start. Trusted Plumbers do not just inform you of their credentials or qualifications; they show you. Have them email you a copy of their current liability insurance, proof of insurance, and a list of references.

Respect for your property:

Respect for your property does not just mean to wear booties on their feet or lay out protective carpets when laying out tools. Respect for your property also comes in how the work is completed. Will the plumber have a fire extinguisher nearby when they are soldering? Will the plumber use lead-free materials? Will the plumber use materials that are approved by plumbing and building codes? Before you schedule service, see if the company can provide you with information about your specific repair, and ask what you should expect from their services. When the company includes information about adhering to local building codes, using fire extinguishers when soldering pipes, using code approved materials that are lead-free, and information other than “we send out a clean-cut technician,” you will be in good shape.

Work Safety:

This is an important one. So many technicians are fixated on repairing your plumbing issue, that they skip out on safety. Alternatively, worse, they do not want to take the time, so they leave out safety practices. Safety guidelines are designed to not only keep the workers safe but also to protect the properties we work on. Before scheduling service, ask the company about their work safety practices. If they fumble over the phone not knowing how to respond, you may want to think about another plumber.

Top 4 Things to Verify When Looking For Plumbing Companies in Phoenix.

phonix-plumber-credntialsWe understand choosing a plumber may not be a pleasurable experience. Here at Legendary Home Services, we commonly deal with people that express their frustrations regarding previous plumbers they have hired. It is disheartening listening to the issues they had to deal with, just to get a leak fixed or a drain cleared.

Because our passion is to enlighten consumers by providing insight into the plumbing industry, we created a list of the top four things you need to verify before choosing your Plumber.

1.Liability Insurance

Insurance coverage is one of the most important things to confirm your contractor possesses. If an accident occurs while the plumber is working on your property, who is going to pay? When checking for liability insurance, many consumers scan a website in search of the words “licensed, bonded, and insured.” Reading those three words provides a level of acceptance for many. However, how do you know they are actually “licensed, bonded, and insured?” Unless you receive copies of their credentials, don’t accept what is written on their website. The truth is, a plumbing company can put whatever they want on their site. Obtaining a copy of their proof of insurance certificate is the best way to confirm coverages. If you want to take it a step further, calling the agent listed on the insurance certificate can prove up to date coverage.

2. References

Most consumers dislike calling a stranger to validate a potential contractor hire. Although this may seem inept, don’t skip the references. A reference can provide in-depth information about your potential hire, which you will most likely receive nowhere else. When asking your potential plumber for customer references; evaluate the quantity they provide. If a plumbing contractor states they have been in business for twenty years, but only provide you with three references, that could be a red flag. More years in business should equate to more references. If the contractor delivers a list of 25 or more references, that is favorable.

3.Registrar of Contractors

Similar to confirming insurance coverages, you need to verify a plumbing license. A plumbing license does not only establish abilities, but it also provides consumer protection. If something goes awry during the plumber’s visit, you may have recourse with the state license board. Always check the contractor’s license with the state. This is achieved by visiting the Arizona Registrar of Contractors website here: https://roc.az.gov. Check to see if the contractor’s license has a “current” status.

4. Certifications

Industry relevant certifications are different from licenses. A license is governed by the state license board (ROC). However, some projects may be under ordinances by more than one regulator. Some other regulators can be OSHA (Occupational safety and health administration), EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency), and your local building department. Work that requires certifications may include water damage cleanup, asbestos abatement, and lead removal. Often, we see that plumbers lack the necessary certifications to remove asbestos containing drywall. This can be a disaster if your plumber creates dust cutting open drywall to install new water pipes. Asbestos dust generation may compromise your indoor air quality. A certification can substantiate the plumbers’ abilities and safeguard your property from unintended dangers.

By confirming these four credentials, you help protect yourself from hiring a risky contractor. Don’t be hasty in your choosing of a plumber. Verify qualifications to ensure that you and your property are taken care of.

Local residents count on Legendary Home Services to provide Plumbing and Drain Service in Phoenix

plumbers in phoenixWith 24/7 service, rapid response times, and written warranties, it’s easy to see why 5,000 customers a year count on Legendary Home Services.

Phoenix residents come to Legendary Home Services looking for a plumber that will fix their plumbing issue, respect their property, provide them with a written warranty, show up on-time, and deliver the best service possible. This is why Legendary Home Services has been the choice when you’re looking for a local plumber in Phoenix.

When you need a local plumbers in Phoenix, don’t leave your property to any random plumber, trust the professionals at Legendary Home Services.  You’ll receive not only a technician to fix your problem, but an expert that’s capable of taking care of you and your property.  Our work is inclusive of Arizona building and plumbing codes.  We never compromise safety while working on your property.  When your property is in our hands, we’ll be sure to take care of it like our own.

We won’t tell you we are licensed, insured, or qualified. We show you. With every project, we provide you a copy of our current liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, proof of licensing, relevant certifications, and references.  This will provide you with peace of mind, knowing the technicians working on your property won’t be leaving you with any liability after working.

Need fast same day service? You got it, we can do that.

When it’s time to call a local plumber in Phoenix, we understand that it’s usually not your favorite thing to do.  This is why we don’t give 4 to 8 hour windows for scheduling. We don’t want you sitting around waiting all day for a plumber.  We give short two hour windows and we always call you when we are on the way.

Need a local plumber in Phoenix but don’t want to take time off work? We can help. With flexibility in scheduling and 24/7 service, we can come at your convenience.  Need to schedule a service visit for when you’re off work? That’ll be our pleasure.  Contact us to book service, and we’ll be there at your time.

We want to be your local Phoenix Plumbing Contractors. Call today to experience the Legendary Home Service difference.

When you need a local plumber in Phoenix you can count on us to help. Scheduling service only takes a minute.  We can make it out to you same day. We will provide not just a plumber, but an expert.  And expert that will show up on time, respect your property, and work in a safe manner that keep you and the home safe.  Our work is inclusive of construction safety practices. This means you won’t be left with liability upon completion of your repairs.



Legendary Home Services offers a wide variety of plumbing solutions. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Need service? We can come today!


Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain or multiple clogged drains are a common source of headache for any homeowner. We have the latest technology to clear any type of clogs.


Sewer Repairs

With the latest in advanced technology we can repair your sewers and drains using the least invasive approach possible.This helps save you money.


Leak Detection

From irrigation leaks, to leaks under your slab, we repair them all. We come prepared for any possible leak and all of the latest leak detection technology.

Your Trusted Phoenix Plumbers

Wondering if any reliable plumbers exist in Phoenix? We’re here to show you that they do! Legendary Home Services is dedicated to providing our customers with total peace of mind long after the job is done. Call us today at (602) 900-9010 to discuss your needs, and we will work with you to carry out the most cost effective solution.

In your quest to finding a plumber in Phoenix, you will see that many plumbing companies provide similar messages on their website. In our efforts to help you understand who we are and what we are all about, we have compiled some of the most common questions and answers about Legendary Home Services.

Why do more people choose you as their service provider?

We believe our job is to deliver service and trust. We do this by being transparent and up front with all information. We do not force you to schedule an appointment to get information from us. We live by the motto “If you ask, we answer.” Would you like questions answered before you decide to book service? That will be our pleasure.

Are you guys licensed?

Absolutely. We hold one commercial and residential plumbing license. We also hold a residential contracting license. Additionally, we have various industry certifications that cover water damage, mold remediation, construction safety, asbestos, lead, and OSHA regulations.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. We carry multiple lines of insurance for your protection. When you hire us, you do not need to worry about liability in the unlikely event of an accident. Our entire company and each team member are fully covered with insurance to protect you and your property.

Do you offer drain cleaning?

We not only provide drain cleaning services, but we carry advanced drain clearing equipment. When you experience a drain clog, you will benefit from the various equipment we carry. We also offer trenchless sewer repairs. Need to repair or replace your drain but don’t want to dig it up? We can do that.

Do you warranty your work?

We warranty all work. Not matter what the job is, there will always be some guarantee.

What type of warranty do you provide?

Warranties will vary based upon the services rendered. Most warranties will range from 3 to 10 years for minor service and repairs, up to lifetime warranties for larger replacement projects. Drain clearing warranties will vary from 30 days up to 2 years.

Are you guys listed on the BBB?

With an A rating, we have been registered with the BBB for quite a few years. Our current BBB page has zero complaints and over 20 five-star reviews.

What distinguishes Legendary Home Services from others?

We are a specialty contractor that provides plumbing services, water damage & mold cleanup, trenchless sewer repairs, and reconstruction after property damage. Our technicians are cross-trained to understand different levels of construction to ensure you have an experienced service technician serving you.

If you are looking for a company that will always be transparent, deliver trust, service, and work in ways that look out for you and your property, then we are the guys you can count on.

Not ready to schedule an appointment, but still have questions? Let us know; we love to answer questions.

Finding the right Phoenix plumber for your home or commercial property should not have to be a hassle. Legendary Home Services makes the entire process easy for you. Our friendly support professionals help you set up an appointment with one of our experienced plumbers, and you can count on us to show up on time and ready to work.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of working with us!

Here are just some of the ways we can help you achieve better comfort:

What Sets Us Apart From Other Contractors?

Legendary Home Services is committed to your total peace of mind. We are not satisfied with just fixing your plumbing issue. We also want to make sure you are completely happy with the results long after the service. This includes following all safety procedures to keep your property’s plumbing working efficiently and helping you save money in the process.

We emphasize education, providing our customers with the information they need to make the best decision when it comes to their overall indoor comfort. Our experts only provide honest recommendations that get to the source of the problem. We do not push you to pay for a service or product that you do not need. Instead, we offer you different options and allow you to choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

What to Expect When You Work With Us

Once you have reached out to us with your issue, we will schedule you for an immediate appointment with an experienced plumber.

While we are onsite:

  • You can rely on us to arrive on time.
  • We will keep you property clean with floor protectors and shoe covers.
  • Our solid warranties ensure your long term peace of mind. You only pay for the repair once.
  • You and your property remain safe throughout the job.

What else should you know about us?

  • We are fully insured: Should an accident happen on your property, you do not pay.
  • We are licensed: This gives you third party protection.
  • We are professional: You will be greeted with a polite, knowledgeable, and clean service expert.
  • We are experienced: With 10+ years in the business, we know the Phoenix area and are up to date on the latest industry codes and standards. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Instant Savings Today

You deserve quality plumbing services that are also budget friendly. We offer online specials that are updated periodically, so check back often to save on your next plumbing job.

Click here to access your instant savings!

Call us today at 602-560-9010 to work with plumbers who care. Legendary Home Services pairs top notch service with competitive pricing to give you the best value in plumbing in the Phoenix area.

Why Us

People choose us because:

We respect your home

We use floor protectors and wear shoe covers.

We give you warranties

You only pay for the repair once.

We are fully insured

You are not paying for accidents on your property.

We are licensed

Which gives you 3rd party protection.

We are professional

Expect a qualified, polite, educated, clean service pro.

In business for over 10 years

We know the area, codes, and what works and what doesn’t work.

While we are onsite:

We always work hard for you

You can count on us when you need us.

We take care of your home

Our warranty guarantees things will work right.

We keep you safe

Our professionals are certified in asbestos, lead, mold/water damage, and construction safety.


Certified Class II & III Asbestos

Technical Training Institute TTI

Certified Mold Remediation

Mold Inspection Consulting & Remediation Organization

Certified Water Damage IICRC

Institute inspection cleaning restoration certification

Licensed Master Plumbers

AZ Registrar of Contractors ROC297107 and ROC297108

Master Plumbers
Mold remediator
  • They came very fast. I was amazed at the response time. Their prices were low and I was very happy at the job they performed. Job well done guys!

    Dave S. Chandler AZ
    Dave S. Chandler, AZ
  • I was so impressed with their level of service given. They answered when I first called and even gave me a follow up call when the job was complete just to make sure I was happy. Wow.

    Theresa W. Phoenix AZ
    Theresa W. Phoenix, AZ
  • We really appreciate all the hard work. What I loved most is how clean they kept my home during construction. I will recommend highly! Thank you.

    Nancy F. Scottsdale AZ
    Nancy F. Scottsdale,AZ