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Water Damage Cleanup Phoenix, AZ

Suffering through a situation where your home is damaged by water is bad enough, but the after the water has subsided, the real work begins. Sometimes, the level of cleanup required for a flooded basement or burst pipe is massive, and it takes a professional effort by experienced water damage experts to get your home back to its original state.

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Common Causes of Water Damage

Water damage can happen for a variety of different reasons, some of them big and dramatic and others seemingly mild. You may encounter burst pipes, flooding due to heavy rains or a broken sump pump, overflowing washing machines or dishwashers, general plumbing leaks, sewer backups, cracks in the foundation, clogged toilets or a leaky roof. In many cases, water damage happens very quickly and you don’t have much time to react before it gets out of hand.

Different Categories of Water Damage

Water damage is graded into different categories to let professionals know how bad it is, and which restoration method is best. Category 1 water is clear and is usually from a source inside the house like a leaking tub or broken water line. Category 2 is also called gray water because it is wastewater from sinks and other appliances that hasn’t been in contact with human waste. Despite this, it can still be contaminated and pose health risks. Category 3 water is also called black water because it comes from sewage. Black water usually contains bacteria and organisms that are seriously bad for your health.

Choose Professional Service

When it is time to clean up the water damage, no matter what the cause happened to be, it is important to choose a professional service provider. Only an experienced professional has the experience and know-how to deal with bacteria, mold, pathogens and other elements that may have serious health effects. In the end, you want your home to be back to normal, and that is precisely what professional water damage cleanup is all about. One quick call is all it takes.

Don’t let water damage take over your home and cost you a fortune in repairs and renovations. Call Legendary Home Services at (602) 900-9010 in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding area for fast, reliable water damage cleanup you can trust.

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